Conference Agenda
April 12 (Day 1) • Bridging Research to Practice

Welcome (Introductions and Overview of the Math Center Research)              
Elizabeth Albro, Associate Commissioner for Teaching and Learning, National Center for Education Research, U.S. Dept. of Education
Jodi Davenport, Director of National Center for Cognition & Learning, WestEd
Glen Harvey, CEO, WestEd
Susan Mundry, Director of Learning Innovations, WestEd
Steve Schneider, Director of STEM, WestEd
Reception and Poster Presentations
April 13 (Day 2) • Research to Practice– Reflections and Actions

Panel 1: Applied Research: Research that Informs Practice
Cathy Carroll, Senior Research Associate and Project Director, WestEd
Suzanne Donovan, Executive Director, SERP Institute
Karin Lange, Director of Curriculum & Instruction – Math & Science, School District of Beloit
Bethany Rittle-Johnson, Associate Professor of Psychology, Vanderbilt University
Julie Booth, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, Temple University (moderator)
Panel 2: Integrating Research Principles Into New Modes of Instruction and Instructional Delivery     
Chris Driscoll, 7th Grade Math Teacher, Falmouth Middle School
Neil Heffernan, Director of Learning Sciences & Technologies, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
James Stigler, Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean of Social Sciences, UCLA; Co-founder, Zaption
James Pellegrino, Distinguished Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago; Co-Director, Learning Sciences Research Institute (moderator)
Lunch/Keynote Speaker
Paul Goren, Superintendent, Evanston/Skokie District 65

Panel 3: Lessons Learned for Designing Instructional Materials using Visual Verbal Mapping       

Vincent Aleven, Associate Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, Carnegie Mellon University
Nancy C. Jordan, Professor, School of Education, University of Delaware
Chuck Kalish, Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mitchell Nathan, Professor and Director of the Center on Education and Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison (moderator)
Dissemination/Closing - Actions and Recommendations for Closing the Gap Between Practice and Research          
Susan Mundry, Director of Learning Innovations, WestEd