About the National Center on Cognition
and Mathematics Instruction    
Research in cognitive science has yielded valuable insights about how people, especially students K–12, learn. However, effectively translating these findings from the lab to the classroom requires interdisciplinary teams to design, develop, and evaluate innovative, teacher- and student-friendly education materials and approaches.
The Institute of Education Sciences-funded National Center on Cognition and Mathematics Instruction (Math Center) tackled this challenge. A team of researchers, educators, and developers from WestEd, Carnegie Mellon University, Temple University, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute revised an existing middle school math curriculum using research-based design principles. The team then tested the efficacy of the revised materials over the course of two school years.
What were the Math Center's key findings and lessons learned? That was the focus of the "Bringing Cognitive Science Research to the  Classroom National Conference," hosted by the Math Center. Conference participants learned how to bring cutting-edge research to practice, and had an opportunity to share their work on translating research into practice. Click here to access the conference materials.